Friday, November 18, 2011

We dig up the fossilized corpses of dinosaurs and other fossilized life forms just to burn them and turn them into a toxic cloud that is on the verge of killing all life.

Here is a GreenpeaceCanda video trailer of Petropolis which shows us an aerial view of one part of the ugly apparatus.

A Digital Smog Greeting Card

Flag in the Foliage

Youtube video of Flag in the Foliage...

Acid Rain or Acid Reigns, to wit acidic pollution.
Many of you seem to think that you can keep creating and throwing up and into enormous amounts of traffic pollution the air and then, "Poof!", its gone away. Well, you're wrong. You've always been wrong on that point.
Today, I offer a patriotic look at some plant and tree foliage with "Old Glory" as she is found in this year 2011.
If you look closely, you will burnt tips on much if the palm frond leaves. Whatever is the cause of these burnt tips has to have come from something carried in the air. Roadway dust and all of its components is prevalent  at the filmed locations.
 Title: Flag in the Foliage
1 min. 17 sec

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